Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Pochade Collection

Down Lake, Lakeshore Trail, oils on panel, 5"x7", $75 plus S&H

po•chade \pō'shäd\  a rough or quick sketch or study, 19th c. fr. from the verb pocher meaning "to sketch"

 Every year about this time I begin my routine of preparing for next year's art adventures. During the winter months I hike, ride my bike... and alternate between onsite sketching and plain air painting. And, over the years, I've built up a sizable collection of small paintings, drawings, and watercolors. So, to make room for next year's works (and to raise a little ready cash for the 2014 voyages and expeditions) I've decided to put a few gems up for adoption.

Up Lake, Stehekin Landing, oils on panel, 5"x7", $75 plus S&H

So, beginning today, if you're looking for a little something that is both unique and affordable ($50US to $200US unframed, plus shipping & handling) for yourself, or to give as a gift during the upcoming Holiday Season please check out my offerings at the Drawn to Nature Art Emporium here. And, of course, your purchases will also be providing much needed (and appreciated) support for my upcoming art adventures, both foreign and domestic.

Coon Lake, oils on panel, 5"x7", $75 plus S&H

All future works posted on my blog will show the price in the caption line if they are destined for the art emporium. (FYI, I'll be adding new works to the gallery each week.) To guarantee that all sales are safe and secure, transactions will be billed exclusively through PayPal, while shipping will be via USPS or UPS (fully insured, with tracking number and signature-verified delivery).

Spring Bloom,  oils on panel, 5"x5", $55 plus S&H

Email or PM me with any questions or enquiries. If you see something you like but are not currently located in the United States please email me for a shipping quote. 100% of all sales goes to support my ongoing art research and field work. And, as always, thank you for your support!

Isle Mont St. Michel, oils on panel, 5"x7", $75 plus S&H


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