Monday, October 7, 2013

A Sense of Place, Part 6 (The Second Workshop)

the Log Cabin Village proved the perfect venue for a sketchcrawl, 
whether your interest be in nature or historical structures

After the passage of a cool front overnight (accompanied by some much needed rain that ended just around sunrise) our group of 14 was treated to a bright, thin overcast sky and refreshing autumn temperatures for Saturday's sketching workshop (the second of four being offered through Central Library and the Worth Reading program). 

while still inside the one-room school house some participants 
opted to sketch some of the interior's historical features

During the introductory session we discussed the history of journaling, sketching vs. photography, different sketchbook and format options, wet and dry media, collage, and the journaling techniques at the artist's disposal.

the Village offers several very sketchable historical structures...

Participants were reminded that journaling is a personal journey of discovery and, once outside, were encouraged to find and document those things that were of greatest interest to themselves.

...and a good deal of natural subject matter too

plenty of time to sketch the Village gris mill...

Participants were also encouraged to utilize all of their sense and to make a record of the total experience (including notes about the sounds, smells, colors, moods, and textures that helped build each individual's sense of pace and experience.

...and to discuss journaling media and techniques

General information was shared with the group as a whole but instruction advise was given on an individual level -- geared to meet the artistic needs and interests of each participant.

the buildings offer an opportunity to study historical structural designs while the interiors are 
well stocked with a variety of period furnishings (here a well equipped blacksmith's shop) 

first-time participants worked in landscape-formatted Bare Books from Tree Top Publishers...

returning participants were treated to Epsilon Series sketchbooks (thanks to a generous gift from the folks at Stillman & Birn) -- outstanding for graphite, pen & ink, and buckle-free watercolor washes

Our third workshop (focusing on the topic of urban sketching) will meet at the Central Library in downtown Fort Worth at 1 p.m. on Sunday, October 13, followed by an optional two-hour sketchcrawl of the Sundance Square area at 3 p.m. For additional information please visit the workshop page at or phone 817.392.7323 to register. (As with all workshops in this series, the October 13 workshop is free to the public. However, enrollment is limited.)

selecting the next page to display

On Tuesday of last week I paid a visit to the "Sense of Place" journaling exhibition at Central Library to turn the pages in some of the journals and rotate out a few of the exhibition pieces. (This is intended to maximize the experience for return visitors.) If you'll be in the area I hope you'll pop by to see the show before it comes down on October 30. 

one Japanese accordion is fully open while three are partially opened


  1. Sometimes I read something and think, "I don't live in the right place." Wish I couid be part of these workshops, Earnest. Great post.

    Cheers --- Larry Marshall

    1. Thanks Larry. Of course in the summer when we hit 100º F for weeks on end north Texas isn't the place to be either. (Hmm, maybe I should take the workshop on the road next summer... to, say, Quebec maybe? ;-D)