Wednesday, August 20, 2014

North Cascades - The Penultimate Progress Report

adding a 1951 Chevy DeLuxe to the "cultural artifacts" journal 

I've selected the final 83 works on paper, 20 oil paintings, 156 photos, and 13 videos for the new book. I have one more panel painting (OK, maybe two) to prepare while I do the final proof reading. And then North Cascades can be sent off to the publisher. (Yea!)

completing a study of balsamroot (this time sans bears)

I thank you all for your patience and support while I've been working away at this project over the past few weeks.

And, if all goes well, my next post will be to announce the release date for North Cascades: A Tale of Two Seasons (Spring). Cheers!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

North Cascades -- Progress Report, 12 August

Adding a splash of color... 

This week's tally -- 79 works on paper, 20 oil paintings on panels, 130 photos, and 12 videos. I got a little more wrapped up with the works on paper than I had in mind at the time of my last update. So, I have yet to get back to the oil paintings. But I'm getting steadily closer to project completion. (Yea!) some of the botanicals...

Anyway, I should finish up the current round of works on paper this week and be able to return to oil paints ("Yea!" again) by week's end. After that it's just a matter of proof reading (I'll get 2 or 3 other folks to do this with me to gain fresh perspective.) and then it's Submission Time. (Really big "Yea!")

...and one of the "cultural artifacts" I found in the woods

If all goes well you can expect the release of the free excerpt around the end of August. (Stay tuned for more details.)

With more windows (or maybe a hinged roof) this might make a cozy little studio.