Tuesday, September 23, 2014

iBook Bonus(es) Anyone?

The new book is up and running smoothly now. And I'm getting some very nice feedback from those of you who have had a chance to look inside. But I've been thinking that it would be really nice if I could offer a bonus for everyone who pre-orders The North Cascades: A Tale of Two Seasons (Spring). So, here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to mail a print of one of my pen & ink with watercolor studies* from the Stehekin series (plus a hand-written note signed with my Chinese seal) to each person who pre-orders my new book from one of the 51 iBooks Stores worldwide between September 15 and October 14! (*My plan is to have 4 images to select from. I'll post the first 2 here today; watch for the other 2 options to be posted here soon.)

the first bonus print option

To receive your signed print in the mail just PM me (or post in the Comments section here) after you place your order any time between now and Oct. 14. Then, once you've downloaded the iBook, email me a copy of your purchase confirmation from Apple (Be sure and redact any personal info, account numbers, etc.), a mailing address I can send the print to, and your choice of print(s). And the watch the mail for your "Thank You" bonus!

Not enough? You want more? Well -- if (either after you've had a chance to look over the free sample excerpt available at the iBooks Store, of after you've downloaded the entire book) you visit the iBooks Store, rank the book, and post a brief note -- I'll send you a second print. (Please note this offer will expire Monday, November 6.)

the second bonus print option (2 more to come)

Well, that's it for this week. I'm busy working on the next book, and am looking forward to the final Zion National Park A-i-R interview next Monday. (Very exciting!) And next week I'll have something completely new and different to share with you.



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Monday, September 15, 2014

"Houston, We Are Cleared for Launch!"

"Houston, we are cleared for launch. T minus 30 and counting."

To maximize the multi-media experience for readers unfamiliar with the Multi-Touch 
format a 3-page user's guide to the book's "bells and whistles" has been included

Well, OK, I don't live in Houston and publishing a media-rich, interactive ebook isn't exactly rocket science. (Although, for someone who usually makes his living with technologies that harken back to the Rennaisance and beyond, it can sometimes "feel" rather Buck Rogers.)

Hi-res panoramas, oils sketches, and (on the following page) finished paintings abound

Everything has been checked -- images are all in place, the text has been proofread (thrice) for typos, all the videos run, and all scrolling sidebars scroll. Apple has approved the final manuscript (all 155 pages). Sales begin in 51 markets* world-wide on October 15. (That's where the "T minus 30" came from.) And pre-orders begin TODAY!!!

Pages from my journals are reproduced throughout the book

If you like the images in this post (All are screenshots from the book.) please visit the iBookstore (https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-north-cascades/id916569774?mt=11&uo=4&at=1l3voTi) to see more. Be sure and download the FREE sample excerpt. And, if you find it interesting, I hope you'll buy the book... and tell your friends. (Please note that 100% of my royalties go to support future adventures and the books they generate.

Text from my adventure blog is combined with excerpts from my field 
notebooks and all-new notes and observations

Thanks, as always, for your support. 

* NOTE: To make navigating to the Apple iBookstore easier for readers living outside the U.S. I'll be posting hyperlinks (2 each day) to stores in each of the 51 countries currently served in the Comments section below. (If you don't see yours please check back or PM me.) Cheers!

Monday, September 1, 2014

North Cascades - The Final Progress Report!

early blocking in of what I thought would be the last painting

Yep, it's finally complete. All the text. All the images. All the neat interactive bells and whistles. This week the final manuscript is with the proof readers and (barring any typos and/or omissions) it should be off to Apple for final approval by week's end. So, you can expect the next "North Cascades" posting to be the announcement of the release date... and the rolling out of the free excerpt!

and blocking in the foreground

Oh, I know I said in my last progress report that I only had one oil painting to complete. Well, I didn't allow for how much fun I have with Gamblin oils and Ampersand Gessobord panels.... And one painting became three. (I can't tell you just how hard it was to stop myself at three!) So, the final count looks like it'll be 83 works on paper, 23 oil panels, 13 videos, and 152 photos.

early stages of the first "bonus" panel

To all of you who have waited so patiently while I worked on this project (and especially those of you who offered words of support and encouragement over the past couple of months) I offer my most heart-felt thanks!

and the W-i-P phase of the final panel