Sunday, December 2, 2012

And the Winner Is...#3

Wow, we're really getting blind-drawing giveaway thingee down to a fine science. (No, let's make that "fine art". It sounds more appropriate to this audience, don't you think?)

We received a total of 27 comments/entries from which our lucky winner was selected and notified via email yesterday. And today I am pleased to let the rest of you know that our Sakura brush pen set (and accessories kit) will be going to Collecticat in Connecticut. (I'm glad I'm writing that instead of saying it as I haven't had my second cup of tea/caffeine yet.)

I'd like to thank everyone who participated and hope you'll join me in congratulating our winner. And I extend a special thanks to the folks at Sakura of America for providing our prize package -- and for producing such a marvelous range of art-making tools for us to enjoy!

I sincerely hope that you'll stay tune for future giveaways. (These are fun, so I'm going to try squeezing in one or two more before the end of the year.) And, in the meantime, I hope you will please join me again on Monday for a new informative, art-packed -- and, I hope, entertaining -- article.


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