Monday, December 10, 2012

Let's Talk!

post fresh of the mail boat

If you've been following my blog for awhile you may remember  an article entitled "How Art Helped Save A Post Office" and, if you were a follower of my earlier blog you may remember my posts from the tiny hamlet of Stehekin, Washington, during my spring and fall 2011 residencies with the North Cascades National Park Service. If you have only recently joined us at "Drawn to Life" then you might not be familiar with the little town in central Washington state and may be unaware that there is no outside road access to the community, or that this time of year the ferry/mail boat only makes the 50-mile trip from the "outside world" 3 times a week, or that Stehekin is gateway to hundreds of square miles of some of the most beautiful, pristine mountain wilderness anywhere in the world.

the view (springtime) from just off Stehekin Landing (morning commutes can be such a drag)

But that's not why I'm writing this week's article. Last year about this time artists from all around the world (mostly human -- plus one pachyderm in Thailand) mailed in art as part of a concerted effort to save the local post office from closure (a pretty big deal to a community with no TV, radio or cell phone reception, no landline telephone service, and that even receives its library books via snail mail from the county library over 50 miles away). Two things came of the effort: the post office stayed open; and the town's artist community made 140+ new friends around the world.

the Lady Express mailboat (shown here in summer) will deliver all entries

Well, this year the Stehekin artist community would like to renew their snail mail dialog with artists in the outside world. (FYI, to the folks in Stehekin everyone outside their valley lives "down lake".) They have installed their own winter exhibition at the Golden West Visitor Center Gallery, are posting two pieces from the show each week to a website (with a little biographical information about each of the artists), and are inviting artists and writers/calligraphers from around the world to join them in a visual and/or written dialog. There are no entry fees and no expenses (other than the cost of postage) but please note that submitted works (which will be posted in the gallery AND on the groups website) cannot be returned.

the Golden West Visitor Center and gallery (built 1927)

So, if you're interested, take a look at the Stehekin site (don't forget to revisit from time to time as newly submitted work will be posted regularly on their "Stehekin in the World" page), and drop your work in the mail. If new works inspire a response feel free to submit multiple works.


Sakura Brush Pen Update: Well folks, this a first for me -- a giveaway prize has actually been declined. So, I've done another drawing for the brush pen and accessories kit, contacted our new winner, and the gift package from Sakura is now on its way to Newnan, GA. Please join me in congratulating Janet B. (And watch for another giveaway very soon!)

Blue, Week #1: OK, it's been one week since I put the blue lightfastness color chart in my north-facing window and the "control strip" in a dark drawer of my taboret. (Reminder -- I will be posting updates weekly for 6 weeks.)

week #1 -- no observable change

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