Monday, November 17, 2014


Anyone up for a little High Adventure?

Sunrise, South Zion NP 5-14a
sunrise in Zion National Park (to say that the light in Zion is "dynamic" would be an understatement)

The National Parks Service folks at Zion National Park have made their selection for the 2015 season and I've been invited to participate! ( In fact, not only am I going to spend a month drawing, painting, and video taping in this awesome natural wonderland... I'm going to be doing it during what is arguably the park's most colorful season -- autumn! (

Zion National Park - Grotto Building - First Visitor Center
during my stay I'll be living in the Museum-Grotto House (built circa 1927) -- 
just sets away from the Virgin River, hiking trails, and awesome canyon views

Early Fall, Zion National Park
my residency period will begin with the onset of fall color and run through the full (spectacular) range of color change

The current plan is to spend one week driving to Zion (with a couple of "painting breaks" en route -- at Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley) and four weeks in the park itself. Watch for the launch of my new Kickstarters! crowd funding venture soon. (I'm planning some really interesting "thank you" gifts for my supporters this year -- including artwork, DVDs, and much, much more.)

Zion Canyon view from Angel's Landing - Zion National Park, Utah
you can expect some really spectacular views from the canyon floor (and maybe a few from the rim)

I even plan to try painting by headlamp (mine, not the car's)

I'll be posting regular (well, as regular as internet availability permits) updates here on the blog -- during the lead-up prep, en route, while in the park, and during my return). And I hope you'll join me here when we launch this exciting voyage of discovery. In fact, if you find yourself in the southern Utah area during my residency, I hope you'll consider joining me for the FREE public workshop I'll be offering (date TBA); I can pretty much guarantee a good time (and door prizes) for all!

Once a Home, Grafton Ghost Town, 4-30-14s
my residency at Zion will even allow a sketching & painting excursion to the ghost town of Grafton 
(setting for the "bicycle scene" from the 1969 film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)

Stay tune for updates and additional details soon.


Image credits: All images in this article are used with permission under Creative Commons licensing agreement ( Copyright belongs solely to the original artists. My thanks to (from top to bottom) Don Graham, Alan English, Carl Berger, Jono Hey, Eric Ward (no relation), and Don Graham again. 


  1. Congratulations, Earnest! This is great news! I look forward to hearing more about this adventure, and seeing your artwork as a result.

    1. Thanks Stacy. I'll spend the winter season honing my plein air painting and sketching skills (I'll post the results here.) getting in shape (lots of hikes and bike rides) and putting together my kit. (Watch for posts on my equipment testing and selection process here too.)

      (This is going to be fun!) :-D

  2. Congratulations! Awesome place to spend a month painting and exploring!

    1. Thanks Jean. Yep, I expect it to be a very memorable, very productive experience (as will the trip out and back).

  3. Wow, wow! What an opportunity. Some of those pictures are so wonderful I cannot wait to see your interpretation of that lovely area.

    1. I want to make the most of the opportunity. So, watch for some mini road trips beginning in the spring to "get in shape" for the event -- and expect a few plein air painting and sketching posts in the meantime.

  4. Fantastic! I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to follow you when you are able to post. Come to California sometime, Los Angeles can be spectacular in the winter!!

  5. Have a wonderful time. This looks like it's going to be so much fun. I will be looking forward to your posts.